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Free Shipping for Consultation use promo code "ShippingOff"

Miracle maintenance pack

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Digestion/Kidney/Liver/ gallbladder restoration

Comes with a 3 pack of Super  Ruckstar Cleanse, Kidney Liver and Gallbladder cleanse , and inflammation.


 Dandelion, Agrimony, Cilantro, Parsley root, Hydrangea Root, Marshmallow Root, Stone Root, Gravel Root, Lobelia, Cascara Sagrada and Ginger Root +24 sacred herbs to complete this secret formula can dissolve and remove accumulations of minerals as well as metals in the kidneys and urinary tract.


Helps with

-kidney and Liver functions

-regulation of digestion 

-absence or lack of functioning Gallbladder


-skin problems

-other underlined digestive problems


Option to add a superfood/ super supplement as a replenisher


all natural supplements are not meant to replace any medications or protocol prescribed by your doctor.

please consult your own physician to see if natural supplements are for you and listen to your body.

this regimen is enough to last for 2-3 weeks