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Blood Cleanse

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Blood Cleanse
An overload of toxins and waste in the blood can overburden the system causing disorders and disease.

•Helps purify the blood 🩸
•Helps with allergies 🤧
•Great for infections and colds
• Improves cardiovascular and respiratory health
• Helps with inflammation, cough, infections, as an antiplaque agent, cancer therapeutic 
•antimicrobial activity and to inhibit growth of new blood vessels

•Improves heart health


Nature has provided an abundance of blood purifiers that can be effectively combined in a formula containing Bayberry Root Bark,Blood root, Blue Vervain Herb, Catnip Herb, Comfrey Root, Fenugreek Seed, Gentian Root, Goldenseal Root, Greasewood, Hyssop Leaf, Irish Moss, Myrrh Gum, Prickly Ash Bark and Yellow Dock Root.

120 capsules