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The 5 Best Foods for Weight Loss

The 5 Best Foods for Weight Loss


Fall is the perfect time to stock up on Strawberries — and it's especially good for your waistline. In a study from Harvard Medical School, researchers found an increased intake of flavonoid-rich fruits — this one, included! — could help prevent weight gain.


Since cucumbers are low calories (there's only 16 per cup when you slice 'em!), loaded with water, and contain hearty fiber in the peel, eating some every day as a snack can keep you feeling full, making you less likely to eat foods that make the number on the scale creep up.


According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, all you need is one serving of lentils a day to lose weight thanks to their high protein content that combats hunger and diminishes cravings.


Like Strawberries, blueberries were also found to aid in weight control due to their high levels of anthocyanins. Up the amount, you eat on the regular by grabbing a carton for a healthy snack or adding them into your morning bowl of oatmeal.


Speaking of oatmeal, the Cleveland Clinic says the high-fiber grain is a perfect addition to anyone's diet who's trying to shed some pounds. To cut down on excess — and unneeded — calories, make your oats with water and add a splash of almond milk when you're ready to eat.

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