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Free Shipping for Consultation use promo code "ShippingOff"



Protein Bar- Build Muscles

Do you want to know about the biggest secret of Grandpa Muscles? Dr Kang has done deep research on Herbal treatment and has designed a complete herbal formula along with the natural resources. Natural resources are rich in proteins and boost the energy level. Gym trainers and certified physicians have recommended Wakanda bar because of its ease of usage and no side effect.

Many pre-workout supplements are available in the market. We offer herbal marketing treatments which relieve from the diseases and helps in the treatment of many diseases. Herbal marketing and other treatments lessen the burden of side effects of medicines. It also increases the energy level which helps in the workout.

After having years of experience, Dr Kang has developed Wakanda bar that have proteins extracted from natural resources. Dr Kang has ensured the quality of the product. Healthy ingredients have been included in the product. Each ingredient information is provided on the packing. The ingredients are chocolate chips, Dates, pea protein, peanut butter and cashew butter. Many customers have provided positive feedback about the Wakanda bar and its ease of usage. You can avail at a discounted price from our certified vendors or online store.





Respiratory Infections


What is Asthma?

Asthma is the disease which causes problematic breathing for the patients. Herbal treatments help relieve from asthma by controlling the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. More than 26 million patients die from asthma. 6 million from those patients are children.

How Grandpa products relieve Asthma?

Dr Kang has recognized the main causes of asthma and has developed the remedies accordingly. Say Goodbye to other medicines. Dr Kang has conducted detailed research on this disease and has developed remedies according to the Asthmatic patients. Many asthmatic conditions such as Mild Persistent Asthma, Mild intermittent Asthma, Moderate Persistent Asthma and Severe Persistent Asthma are treated with the Dr Kang products. People use a variety of medications for the treatment of Asthma. Each disease has been described in detail with Miraculous five package. Dr Kang has published book the motherland medicine which provides detailed information about the herbal treatment of Asthma and how the Miraculous five products help relieve from Asthma.

Products by Grandpa for Asthma and Respiratory Track issues

Due to COVID-19, many patients have requested to provide online health services. Now, we have eased the process by providing online consultation appointment at the lowest cost ever. 50% discount is provided on to all products online. During the COVID-19, patients can also avail the discount on medicines. We have always ensured to provide quality products to our customers, so now, we are offering up to 50% discounts on Grandpa Products. Grandpa has provided the location-based services for many years, but now we have been providing online services also.  The core purpose is to serve the millions of people who are suffering from asthmatic issues.

Mr. Kang has suggested these medications for the Asthma and respiratory tract issues:

  1. Online Consultation (Patient is recommended to avail the consultation)
  2. Miraculous five Package
  3. Miraculous Six (Quicker Fixer Package)
  4. Basic-Extended
  5. Limitless Package
  6. Immunity Builder Package
  7. Premium Xtract (Strong) Blends


Each herbal medicine has information about the usage of medicine and indications.




Immune Builder Package

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the ability to resist diseases. Many viruses attack the human body that is mandatory to be treated by the human body. Many antibodies strengthen white blood cells which help to boost immunity. Due to COVID-19, many patients have been facing issues with the immunity and many doctors have suggested boosting the immune system. Though no treatment has been developed or no medicine ensures protection from Coronavirus. But the herbal treatments might be used to boost the immunity system.

Immunity and Viral Infections:

Dr Kang has made the medicines to boost the immunity of the person. These immunity boosters not only boost the immune system but also helps to relieve from various diseases. Dr Kang has years of experience in the herbal medicines and he has described in his book that Immunity helps in the treatment of viral infections. Unique treatments for the diseases have been provided in the ‘Motherland medicines’ a book.

Immunity Builder Program

Dr Kang has developed the Immunity builder program that consists of preciously extracted herbs. These herbs have been extracted carefully and have the treatment of many diseases. The immune system is the basics of protection from Coronavirus. Therefore, it is easier to boost the immunity by using Immunity Builder Program. However, we communicate to our clients that no medicine has been recommended for the treatment or relieving from coronavirus directly. 

It is recommended that Immunity builder program must be used upon doctor’s advice and excessive usage might cause cytokine storm. Many issues such as Flu, Fever, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections. These infections can bring to longer issues which results in Coronavirus; therefore, the ailment is mandatory. Dr Kang believes that any disease can be treated by boosting the immune system. Special attention has been drawn on the viral infection’s treatment.





We are one of the best sellers of herbal medicines especially for the cold. Immunity Builder program helps to relieve from the cold in a few days. We recommend using this product in the early days to get relieved from the flu. Immunity builder program is easy to use and cleanse the blood also.

We believe that in the pandemic issues and we are available to serve our customers. Customers can order their product online. A complete description of the product along with the usage details have been provided on the official website of Grandpa Secret. We also ensure the protection of information and secure payment of the customers. Each product is available at a discounted price and customers can get up to 50% discount on purchasing the products. Hurry up! Don't take a risk with your health and avail the immunity builder program of Grandpa.




Grandpa Secret_ About Us



Grandpa Secret is leading healthcare product seller. Dr. Kang is providing healthcare product that can relieve you from almost all diseases. Grandpa has designed products according to the living style of people and made remedies accordingly. You can choose the products that help you relieve from diseases that cannot be cured easily. Grandpa has made the products for you after researching and finding the best remedies for you.

Thanks to Dr Kang who have provided the best remedies to us. Dr Kang has spent many years researching about herbs of North, South and Central America, Africa Indian, Chinese Arabic and world medicine. Dr Kang has safely obtained these herbs by a trained team.

How Medicines are manufactured and tested by Dr Kang?

Medicines are tested and labelled by standard methods. Dr Kang has processed the herbs by proven methods. Medicines help to boost the immune system also by treating major diseases such as Stomach, liver, Gallbladder cleanses, blood cleanse. These products would help you heal body processes. These vegan products are very useful to you.

How to avail the products of Dr. Kang?

It is easy to buy herbal remedies of Dr Kang. You can just come online and check which product suits you best. Many reputable online sellers are available online, but Dr Kang has also eased this process by providing the methods of herbs obtaining transparently. We provide you with the book which provides complete information about herbal remedies and their treatment.

Consultation Services by Dr. Kang:

On the demand of our customers, Dr. Kang have taken time for the customers for an online consultation. Where the patients are treated and provided with the detailed diagnosis of the symptoms of the diseases by our expert Mr. Kang. A discounted offer is available by Dr. Kang on Grandpa Secret. This service is available at 50% discount. Hurry up it is a limited offer. So, avail the discount and take care of your health in this pandemic issue.


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