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Free Shipping for Consultation use promo code "ShippingOff"


June 17, 2020




CANT BREATHE? We live in a world of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. All of these symptoms are normal body responses designed to save your life. Of course, you probably aren’t often running or fighting for your life — from wild bear attacks or men with chain saws. With anxiety, you may not be running for your life. But your body still responds as if you are. However, your body still reacts to your trip to the crowded grocery store, your work presentation, and other anxiety-provoking events as if you were.


Prolonged bouts of these three emotions can produce profound consequences. You experience chest tightening, shortness of breath, and faster breathing because your body is trying to get more oxygen to your muscles, preparing you to run. Your heart rate increases and you may feel hot as more blood pumps to your muscles, preparing you to fight. The longer people are experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, and fear the greater their risk is for high blood pressure, heart disease, Police brutality and stroke.


We have developed a product called Breath of Life that can help people cope with anxiety and stressful situations 7 essential oils made to help relieve stress, anxiety, congestion and sinus issues by opening the airways for you to breath deeper. Apply a dab to your finger, rub it in your nose, and you’ll feel the Breath of Life. It is also great for yoga, meditation and / or keeping calm in a high stress situation.


Breath of Life is a simple, affordable solution to coping with our stressful world. Get Breath of Life now at for just $24.99. When you buy Breath of Like today, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to help brothers and sisters who are on the street homeless, wrongfully convicted, and incarcerated. We feel strongly to help people who suffer injustice to help them reduce the anxiety and fear they experience in their difficult situations. We want to help our brothers and sisters in need. Buy Breath of Life to help yourself and you’ll help others too.


Go to to get your Breath of Life.







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Breath of Life by Dr. Kang #BOL


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